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Brian D. Birmingham, Public Insurance Adjuster
Hi, my name is Brian Birmingham, and I
am a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster
in the state of Massachusetts. I, represent
you the homeowner,  in a
claim with the
insurance company.
After the shock  of a fire or damage to your home, the
last thing you and your family needs is to be taken
advantage of by your insurance company's adjusters,
fire restoration, cleaning companies, and other so called
"experts" that your company and/or your agent sends to
your home to
only represent the insurance company.
You need someone that is on your side. Someone that
will represent you, the policy holder, fairly, against the
insurance company. Someone that will look out for your
interests and not theirs. You have the right as a policy
holder to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster to help you
with your insurance claim. That's where I can help.
This website site is designed to familiarize you, the policy
holder, with how employing a Public Insurance Adjuster
may assist you in processing your insurance claim.
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